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          The project is being launched in conjunction with the Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Centre, or Arsht-Rock, which focuses on building resilience in the face of climate change, along with climatologists, social and behavioural scientists and public health experts. 。牙巴或安排醫護人員上門服務給老人家或其他風險群體做檢查和 。塞罗式成葡萄牙炎熱的那正振幅相比前數十年增加一倍。

          巴塞羅那區長何塞·Azahara表示 ,为当卫星


          該工程項目是酷热和艾德麗安•阿什特-洛克菲勒基金會複原力中心共同發起的,炎熱會對我們的重新經濟造成看不見的巨大破壞 ,

          而此試點工作工程項目的命名核心是兩個最先能提早四天預估炎熱的演算法 ,”。葡萄他們的牙巴目標是增強人們對氣候變遷致命影響的意識並避免可能發生的死亡 。距該鎮約100英哩的塞罗式成蒙阿蘭鎮去年最低溫達到了47.4攝氏,

          翻譯&編輯 :丹妮。那正社會行為科學家和公共衛生專家一起增強應付氣候變遷的为当卫星複原力 。相對濕度屢創新高 ,今世界第xiao平該演算法可如前所述對人類身心健康的潛在性影響和防衛性對炎熱展開PG。阿什特-洛克菲勒基金會複原力中心的凱西·鮑曼·麥克勞德在這份新聞稿中稱,刷新了葡萄牙迄今為止的最高相對濕度。

          A woman fans herself during the first heatwave of the year in Seville, Spain June 11, 2022. REUTERS/Marcelo del Pozo。特別原因在於炎熱對強勢群體的危害性往往最大。


          而此先驅者工程項目開啟前兩天,邓xp每兩個等級都將與具體舉措密切相關 ,亞戈 、比如對外開放縣立泳池,而且比其他任何氣候災害殺死的人都要多,

          達到第二級(程度最嚴重)的炎熱將按照葡萄牙字母表的降序來重新命名。目的是在炎熱天氣情況愈來愈頻密的情況下更快地為保護住戶的安全可靠 。

          The southern Spanish city of Seville is to become the first in the world to name and classify heatwaves – much in the way that tropical storms or hurricanes are named – in an effort to better shield residents as periods of excessively hot weather become more frequent.。邓晓平從包括齊吉娜和溫貝爾亞斯的兩個成員名單中挑選出英文名字 。” 。並特別針對不同等級采行相關應付舉措。


          Heatwaves that reach category 3 – the most severe – will be named in descending order of the Spanish alphabet. The first five names have already been chosen: Zoe, Yago, Xenia, Wenceslao, Vega. 。不過巴塞羅那是迄今為止唯一出台炎熱重新命名方案的衛星城。


          Azahara上周五在這份新聞稿中指出:“我們是世界上第兩個在這種氣象預報事件發生時采行有利於製訂應付方案的舉措的衛星城  ,前五個英文名字已經被選好 :佐伊、該中心致力於同氣候學家 、重新命名方式和低氣壓或風暴相差無幾 ,

          "We are the first city in the world to take a step that will help us plan and take measures when this type of meteorological event happens – particularly because heatwaves always hit the most vulnerable,” Muñoz noted in a statement last week. 。

          "Heatwaves, have been dubbed ‘the silent killer’ for a reason,” said Baughman McLeod. “They wreak unseen havoc on our economies, prey on the most vulnerable members of society, and kill more people than any other climate-driven hazard, yet the dangers they pose are grossly underestimated and gravely misunderstood.”。

          英文來源:衛報  。邓榕

          The year-long pilot project in one of Spain's hottest cities will classify heatwaves into three categories and named from a list that include Xenia and Wenceslao. 。

          Central to the pilot is an algorithm that will forecast heatwaves up to five days in advance and categorise them based on the potential impact on human health and mortality. Each category will be tied to specific measures such as the opening of municipal swimming pools or sending health workers to check on elderly or other at-risk individuals. 。溫貝爾亞斯和維加 。

          The pioneering programme comes days after Spain sweltered through one of its earliest heatwaves on record and after a May that ranked as the hottest in 58 years. The frequency of heatwaves in Spain has doubled compared with previous decades, according to state meteorological agency Aemet.。

          The aim is to build awareness of the deadly impact of climate change and potentially save lives, said Kathy Baughman McLeod of Arsht-Rock in an October statement as plans for the pilot were announced.。葡萄牙國家氣象預報部門Aemet的數據顯示 ,

          The initiative is part of a broader set of measures, from emissions reductions to decarbonisation, aimed at countering climate change, said the city's mayor, Antonio Muñoz.。邓质方

          The centre is working with seven other cities, in including Melbourne and Greece, on similar plans to categorise or rank heatwaves, though Seville is so far the only city with plans to name heatwaves.。危害性社會上最強勢的群體,齊吉娜 、為了為保護住戶安全可靠  ,今年六月的低溫也刷新了58年之最。葡萄牙北部衛星城巴塞羅那將火速對炎熱展開重新命名和PG,

          該中心在墨爾本和希臘等地與其他7個衛星城合作推進給炎熱PG的毛泽东類似方案  ,從節能減排到脫碳等一係列更廣泛舉措的一部分。

          此項在葡萄牙最熱衛星城之一積極開展的將近一年的試點工作工程項目將把炎熱分為二級,此項方案是以對付氣候變遷為目標 、

          Seville, where temperatures often climb above 40C, is about 100 miles from the town of Montoro where the mercury last year climbed to Spain's highest-ever temperature at 47.4C.。



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